Brand: Walter
Model: FCBS SnowFighter
Classification: Standard Cab, Single Axle Plow Truck
Year: 1
VIN #: 707703
Miles: 002394
GVWR 40,000
Asking Price: BEST OFFER

Running Condition: Runs and Drives
Cab Body:
Cab Interior:
Bucket Seats:
Fair- Minor Damage,Some Rust
Very Good Cond.
Engine: Cummins 230 HP
Transmission: Manual: 4 X 4   6 Forward 2 Reverse
Chassis Walter
Front Snow Plow Mount w/hydraulics
Right Side - Swing-Wing Plow 8'
Dump Body
5 C.Y.
Good Condition
Single Discharge doors on Tailgate
Rear bottom edge of Dump body has some rot.
Tires / Wheels
24" General Tires and Wheels
12.00 x 24 -Good
12.00 x 24 -Good

This is an All-Wheel Drive Cummins Deisel Powered Snow-Fighter Plow truck. Mounted on the nose, is a plow mount for a large municipal plow and mounted on the right side of the cab is a swing-out Snowplow that would allow this machine to plow areas 12 - 16 feet wide.

The cab on this machine is in good condition as are the controls. This truck has a manual 6-speed transmission and all-wheel drive for prositive traction. This truck also features a 5-c.y. Garwood Dump Body for sand or salt.

Access to the engine is through two large removable panels either side of the engine. The engine appears to be in good working order.

External inspection on this vehicle reveals that the original diamond-plate fenders rusted through and were repaired. The resulting repair causes the driver's door to rub on the fender making it difficult to open. The door itself is in good condition.

This truck was formally used by the one of our local townships road maintenance departments and was well taken care of.

Problems: Minor rust on doors and body.